How to trade on Exness

The main activity of EXNESS broker is providing services for trading at the Forex market. This is a profitable option to invest your funds.

Trading on the Forex market is reasonably recognized as potentially one of the most effective ways to increase capital. On the one hand, the formation of quotes following the law of supply and demand makes the Forex market very volatile. On the other hand, the use of margin trading mechanisms makes it possible to make a profit even in case of minor currency fluctuations. Trading in the Forex market can be carried out 24 hours a day, five days a week - that's why people who seek flexible working conditions and financial independence expect to earn in the Forex market.

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Earning at Forex

The popularity of the Forex market compared to other types of investments, is growing. For example, today its daily turnover reaches 4.5 trillion dollars, which is more than eight times higher than the total turnover of shares and government securities in the U.S. markets. The simplicity of currency market rules (as opposed to parts) provides an opportunity to control your capital and reduce the risk of losing money in case of force majeure. Due to these circumstances, financial institutions (banks, pension and insurance funds, etc.) receive a stable income, and many talented traders earn entire fortunes in the Forex market. Their names are on everyone's lips: George Soros, John Bollinger, William Delbert Gunn and others.

However, Forex is a type of earnings that becomes a profitable and stable source of income only for those who know how to analyze and make informed decisions.

Conditions for successful work in the Forex market

To be able to make money in the Forex market, you need to have special knowledge. Among the basic disciplines, we can highlight the following:

  • the world economy in general and the currency market in particular;

  • fundamental and technical analysis;

  • trading strategies;

  • risk management;

  • trading psychology.

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Currently, thousands of transactions in the Forex market are made by private traders. This is not surprising: it is enough to have a personal computer with Internet access, and you will get an excellent opportunity to make money in the market with high liquidity. That is why working in the Forex market has become one of the most profitable areas of activity.